Case for Christ

Case for Christ

Sunday evening, 6pm

Starting September 17, 2017

Why believe in Jesus? How can we know he rose from the dead? Is there historical evidence to support the Bible? Can I have doubts and still be a Christian?

Bestselling author Lee Strobel, a former atheist and the subject of the movie The Case for Christ, shares what he learned as an investigative journalist when he sought the truth about Christianity.

We will watch the feature film the first week (plan for 2 hours the first week) and then will move to one hour sessions the following weeks.

Study Guides $10

Childcare for 5 and under, Hearing God session for elementary students available at the same time.

Leader: Pastor Missy and Chris Grinnell
Leader Phone: 406-587-9283
Location: Bozeman Christian Center - lower level (4 and 5 classroom)